Integrated Maintenance and Safety

Which processes fit together and can be integrated? Are there any software solutions available on the market that combine the best of two worlds without losing quality? These are two very important questions you need to ask yourself beforehand. The processes for maintenance and safety are good examples of processes that fit together excellently. After all, maintenance on your equipment should always be carried out in a safe and structured manner and should be planned efficiently. Whereas Asset Management software used to be a tool for maintenance services, we are now seeing that the entirety of EHS management can be included in the software, making it a complete solution for maintenance, safety, quality, health and environment.

Ultimo Software Solutions responded to this development. The Ultimo Asset Management software is not only a tool for guaranteeing your corrective and preventive maintenance activities, clarifying maintenance costs and drawing up efficient maintenance schedules, but with its integrated EHS suite it also gives substance to your safety objectives in a comprehensive manner. The Ultimo EHS modules, which have been developed in collaboration with maintenance professionals, offer a pragmatic solution for EHS Incident Management, Lockout Tagout, Management of Change, Shift Handover and Work Permits (including Task Risk Analysis).

Your Advantages

Why is an integration between Maintenance and Safety so interesting for you? The integration of Maintenance and Safety creates an optimal link between the processes, which allows you to:

  • view EHS incidents and other failures in one integrated application;
  • process modifications in a structured manner so you can integrate them with your current work order flow and project management;
  • register failures, technical activities and remarks from operators in one clear overview, which is related to the existing asset structure;
  • use blueprints which allow you to validate work permits quickly and digitally via SelfService;
  • easily prove that your organisation complies with important laws and regulations.

One Step Further

The Ultimo Asset Management software also offers possibilities for organisations that want to take integration one step further. Nowadays, the integration of Ultimo with the Internet of Things creates even more efficiency, faster service and causes less annoyances. Think of the integration with sensors, virtualising your organisation, inspections using drones, repairs and instructions using Augmented Reality and the integration with Social Media. This might all still be in the future for you, but the future is closer than you think. Are you ready to integrate your processes?

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