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Major facility improvements at UMC Utrecht

UMC Utrecht, one of the largest academic hospitals in The Netherlands, has been using Ultimo for years. Ultimo Facility Management is widely used in both back and front offices.

Extensive, and still customer-oriented at UMC Utrecht

To optimise the customer-oriented operations of Facilities, UMC Utrecht began a dedicated project. Ultimo was part of this project. The customer-oriented Facility Service Center that was established when SAP and Ultimo integrated resulted in a huge efficiency increase. Increased transparency and cost consciousness: work orders, orders, payments and schedules are now available in one environment. Customer-focus increased also with the Self-Service portal. More than 14,000 internal clients report their requirements, complaints, requests for information and failures in this portal.

Results UMC Utrecht achieved since working with Ultimo:

  • Objectives regarding transparency, custom work, customer-friendliness and cost control were fulfilled.
  • Software widely used: from cleaning services to medical technology, from housing to reservations.
  • Improved internal communication.

Modules in this case

Authorisation Management
Only show relevant information.
CAD Integration
Improve your efficiency with CAD Integration.
Cost Registration
Use various standard reports to interpret the costs.
Dashboards / Reports
Important control information directly available.
The best of multiple disciplines in one solution.
Inventory Management
Gain control of the availability of your inventory.
Issue Management
Grip on loaned company resources.
Key Management
The best possible key management.
Knowledge Tree
Process reports in seconds.
Medical Technology
Basis for safe application of medical technology.
MT Competences Matrix
Monitor competences.
Easily manage multidisciplinary activities.
Periodical Maintenance
Optimise the performance of your assets with predictive and risk-based maintenance.
Product Files
Substantiate choices regarding the purchase of objects.
Project Management
Manage projects efficiently and coordinate them in a structured manner.
Property Management
Understanding you property information is the basis for more.
In some cases it won't even be necessary anymore to create a report.
Stock Management and Purchase
Prevent out-of-stock situations by keeping a minimal stock.
Time Accounting
A complete overview of the time spent.
Work Order Management
Create an efficient work order flow.
“The circle is complete. Customer-oriented Self-Service in our portal for over 14,000 employees and increased efficiency for our 1,000 facility staff.”
Joost Hoge
UMC Utrecht
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+31 341 42 37 37

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