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IT innovations have major added value for Twente Milieu

Twente Milileu strives to be a true business-partner for municipalities and provide their citizens excellent service. This caused the organisation to proactively search for IT innovation to use. Of course it is very important that this offers something more for the customers or in fact the internal organisation. One of these innovations was Computer Aided Facility Management.

It’s all about service

Twente Milieu was established in 1997 when the privatised environmental departments of the cities of Almelo, Enschede, Hengelo, Hof van Twente and Oldenzaal and, at a later date, Losser merged. Twente Milieu teams up with the municipalities and their citizens to make Twente clean and healthy. Areas they focus on are waste collection, material management, emergency management and managing public spaces. To make customers satisfied about the external service provision it is important that the internal organisation is designed well. This made a professional system for the efficient provision of services a requirement.

Twente Milieu noticed the following advantages when working with Ultimo:

  • Structured registration and follow-up of events.
  • Better communication with internal customer and relieving the service desk.
  • Better control of information for proper analyses.

Facility and IT processes in one system

Facility Management and Information & Automation (I&S) of Twente Milieu found eachother in Ultimo. When Twente Milieu scouted the software market they discovered that it was necessary to get all of their facility processes in a professional system, not just their IT processes. And Ultimo proved to have the best software for their needs and wants. Because Ultimo can be modified easily and has many expansion capabilities, Twente Milieu is not worried about the future at all.

“The added value is difficult to estimate in money but I am confident that efficiency increased considerably. It was certainly worth the investment. And we will continue to profit from using Ultimo, especially when we start using their software for other purposes without major investments.”
Laurens ten Broek
Twente Milieu

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