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Smooth operations for innovative Synbra

Synbra, in Etten-Leur, The Netherlands, is an innovative company producing particle foam for all sorts of purposes. It is used as roof, wall and floor insulation and for foundation frameworks. Its biofoam is used for degradable food containers and in horticulture. Synbra has been a client of Ultimo for a long time. For the support of maintenance, and since more recently for safety processes.

Maintenance & safety in one system

Until recently Synbra used separate systems for registration of data and managing its processes. However, when they found out that Ultimo also offers EHS modules they decided to use only Ultimo. Very efficient: one system only. Results: a safer work environment, processes that are registered properly and comply with EHS directives and legislation.

“We generated reports and KPIs manually and did not have a whole lot of verification and validation methods. We very much wanted to have a more efficient solution.”
Theo van Maurik

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