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Emons Group saves an enormous amount of time using Ultimo Fleet Management

All these different applications and Excel files converted into one system. In the pre-Ultimo years it increasingly became clear that so much time was lost on administration. Always looking for the right info and always having to register the same data. Ultimo Fleet Management helped Emons to catch up.

Easier fleet management and structured fleet support

Emons Group uses Ultimo Fleet Management for efficient management and proper maintenance of its entire fleet. The Fleet support department also uses the software. This is the hotline for all sites and drivers/staff and it is important to stay in control at all times. As the organisation values time accounting and the right charging on to the user’s cost units, the software was particularly designed with these aspects in mind.
In the near future the intention is to incorporate fault management, claims management, and the management of contracts and insurances in the software. To get an even better handle on the Group’s processes.

Results achieved with Ultimo:

  • Decreasing the number of applications, saving a lot of money.
  • Better coordination of scheduled maintenance.
  • Better assignment of hours and costs to the right cost units.
"Ultimo has replaced two applications and various Excel documents. The important data concerning management and maintenance of the Fleet are now centrally registered in Ultimo. A major efficiency boost for our organisation."
Rogier Reiniers
Emons Group
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