Consumers spend more money; inbound tourism is growing. This is good, because it gives an optimistic feel to catering and leisure businesses. Sales growth, more investments and quality improvement. However, it is important to remain vigilant and to address any challenge, to stay ahead of the growing competition. What is the role that your facilities and assets play? You have to listen to what your assets and facilities tell you.

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A well-kept, safe and clean environment.

To give your customers an excellent experience you must have a safe, customer-friendly and clean environment. And because there is so much competition you not only have to be efficient but also stand out! Your customer wants the best possible experience. Right?

So you have no use for malfunctioning equipment that annoys and frustrates your customers. How do you ensure a safe environment for your guests and employees? How can you schedule major maintenance outside peak season? In short, what is the best way to deal with your assets and facilities? Ultimo provides valuable information to take these vital decisions:

  • Control information to optimise the maintenance process and reduce unwanted downtime.
  • Understanding all processes of the technical and facility services.
  • An improved grip on your property management and major maintenance.

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Kanban: visualise your tasks

Make your work environment safer?

Do you record near-incidents your guests or employees suffered? Are you safety-aware during maintenance work? Do you embed change processes in a structured manner? What is an orderly way to issue work permits? The extensive modules for Safety Management support you in keeping your hotel, leisure park or holiday park safe. All your assets tell their stories. Are you listening? Want to know more?

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Curious about the future?

Need an additional pair of ears and eyes on the shop floor? It is possible with the use of smart sensors. Sensors measure vibrations, temperature, light intensity, CO2 and occupancy, but they also communicate with Ultimo. Always anticipate problems and difficulties. Time-consuming activities such as checking mousetraps or carrying out critical temperature measurements are a thing of the past. The ultimate ‘Live-link your assets and facilities’. Want to know how the Internet of Things can be used in your projects?

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What is the best way to deal with your assets and facilities? Ultimo provides valuable information to take these vital decisions. Request a demo!