Within education scaling-up is common place. School boards and governors are faced with serious challenges with regard to management and exploitation. And at the same time many educational institutes have decreasing budgets. Efficiently set-up support processes will certainly help you with these worries. Are you in control of your facilities and assets?

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Streamline your school environment and support processes.

Not an easy thing to do. Shaping facility and maintenance management as professionally as possible with limited means and few people. But you are never one to shy away from a challenge. And why should you? Because you can use tooling that is especially useful for this situation. Do you want to be able to see supplier contracts, at any given time? Do you want to know what maintenance is needed for your school buildings? Or do you want to make internal services even more consumer-friendly? Ultimo will help you

  • Provide structure in the management of your inventory and rooms. And finally get insight so you can improve.
  • Grip on your maintenance. Whether it concerns the school buildings, other areas or assets. The maintenance you perform yourself or contract out to others.
  • Involve your internal clients in your provision of services with Self-Service; improve your communication.

Nobody knows what the future holds. Or do we?

Do you know the large maintenance work you will be faced with in the coming years? And what this is going to cost you? With the planning options Ultimo offers you, you can gain an understanding of the expected costs, risks and even the condition of all your assets. Real time. Something to base your balanced operation on. All things that are of great importance to you. So you always have sensible information about your properties. And can substantiate your policy choices and anticipate the future.

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Do you know all your IT resources?

IT resources in your institutions represent a major economic value. From digital projectors to computers. Tablets to smart phones. Proactive management can be very advantageous. Not only to give better insight, with fewer valuables lost, but also if you have a helpdesk and want professional support for your processes. In the world of Ultimo everything revolves around management processes and the software they require.

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School boards and governors are faced with serious challenges with regard to management and exploitation. Experience the possibilities of Ultimo, request a demo!