How does the Martini Hospital use the Ultimo Software?

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In a specialised clinical teaching hospital like the Martini Hospital, they are constantly working on the best health care quality in a safe and hospitable environment. With their 2900 employees, 170 medical specialist and 350 volunteers, this is a proper challenge. If you would like to know how the Ultimo software contributes to the safety and quality within the Martini Hospital, continue reading.

Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) Suite

The Martini Hospital is the first hospital to deploy the Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) Suite. Because of the different functionalities in the HSE Suite, it is possible to realise a far-reaching relation with activities and equipment. This is how the Martini Hospital limits the risks that arise from work on medical equipment. The Work Permits module, for example, is used for making sure that only certified specialists work on (medical) equipment.

Effect of Actions on Safety

In an interview with Ingo Vos (Manager Technology and Housing) and Meilof Feiken (Project Engineer and Functional Application Manager), the digitalisation of the procedures that the different employees must follow is further elaborated on. The effect the employees have on the care and safety is emphasised even more by this digitalisation. This prevents unsafe situations and contributes to even better quality and safety within the hospital.

No Standard Ultimo Users

In addition to the modules that are standard within Ultimo’s FMIS, like Medical Technology, Facilities and Building Management, the Martini Hospital also uses the ‘process functions’ functionality. This standard functionality was initially developed together with the HSE Suite in collaboration with the industrial sector. But exactly because of these agreements between the industry and the hospital sector concerning safety, this functionality can be applied very well.

Would you like to know more of how the Martini Hospital safeguards the quality of the processes by using Ultimo?

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