Our services to you are up and running!

Despite the stringent measures necessitated by these negative conditions, we strive for our usual top-tier level of services. As you have come to expect from Ultimo!

We made some sound arrangements with our data centres to keep our software functional in the cloud, as per usual.

As far as our service provisions are concerned:

  • Physical appointments are changed into remote, online appointments. This means that implementations, training and sales support can continue.
  • Customer support and other back office support is ready to offer the right support from home. Our customer portal is active, and we can be reached by phone in the usual manner.

It may well be that many normal activities are suspended at the moment. Try to take advantage by starting improvement processes now. What efficiency improvements can you prepare? Where do you see room to improve the effectiveness of your processes? And how can clever automation by Ultimo help you? Our consultants and advisors are happy to take the time to remotely discuss this with you so you can select the improvements you want to implement.

Ask your account manager about the possibilities.

To conclude

We understand the severity of the situation we are all in. The safety of our employees and of you, our customer, is paramount. We will do our utmost to continue to be of service to you! Do you have any questions? Please, feel free to contact us. We are open for business as usual, Including your own account manager.

Happy to help you at any time
Freddy Vos VP International Sales
+31 341 42 37 37